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Lost in India



Calling all adventurers! Get ready to tag along with Chris, your host, as he heads off to India to visit his friend, Justin — and immediately gets lost! Will Chris get where he needs to go? Will his friend find him? What adventures await? Sign up today to get “Lost in India” and find out!

Through 8 videos, your family (or church group, school group, etc.) will travel across India with Chris, visiting incredible places and meeting extraordinary people. And — best of all — you'll see some of the amazing things God is doing in the land of India today! Register now to get your Adventure Kit (everything is totally free!), and get ready for fun interactive games, great stories, and much more! 

 So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to get your free Adventure Kit ... and let’s get "Lost in India"!


Map view of India

Mission India says "Get Lost!"

Well ... get “Lost in India” that is!

Hang on as 8 adventure-filled videos bring India straight into your living room — or wherever your laptop, tablet, or smartphone takes you!

What’s in store? Here’s a sneak peek. You will:

  • See and experience the real India — without ever jumping on a plane
  • Increase your family’s heart for global missions
  • Develop servant leadership in your kids
  • Add a new dimension to your home-based learning
  • Meet the people bringing the Gospel to India’s 400+ million unreached
  • Be inspired by the stories of India’s people who have found hope in Christ
  • Engage your family in a special opportunity to introduce boys and girls in India to Jesus

Ready to get lost?
Grab your adventure kit!

Your Adventure Kit will arrive in your mailbox about 10 days* after you sign up for Lost in India and contains everything you need for the trip — including a map to track your journey and a “backpack” to collect loose change and dollars. (And, BONUS, it’s completely free!)

Eager to change the lives of kids in India and their families?

As you journey along, you’ll have the opportunity to collect loose change and bills in your backpack. Every dollar you save will send a little boy or girl in India to a Children’s Bible Club — 10 days of summertime fun where they’ll learn all about Jesus ... many for the first time!  

*Adventure Kits are only shipped to U.S. addresses

Rice Bag

meet your host, chris.

Chris is your wacky and fantastic “tour guide!” As you wander along with Chris, trying to find his good friend, Justin, you’ll explore exciting places, meet new people, and experience India like never before! You just might be surprised by what you learn.

Chris says, “Going to India and seeing how God is working there has impacted my life forever. I have met people whose stories and testimonies have honestly changed my life.”

One of those guys who’s always up for an adventure, Chris is excited to have you along for the ride!


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At Mission India, we have a BIG vision. We want to see "India transformed by Christ."

So we partner with India's believers to tell kids about Jesus in Children's Bible Clubs, teach illiterate adults how to read and write (and read the Bible!), and train people how to start new churches!

The Good News is being shared by India's most ordinary people — even kids just like you! — but as you'll discover in Lost in India, God is using them in extraordinary ways!

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“Please help us share the Gospel with kids in India this year! Get ready to learn about a culture, place and people half a world away, nurture your children’s spirit of generosity, and have some real fun along the way, too. I am confident your family will enjoy your Lost in India adventure.”
Sarita Holzmann, Sonlight President

here's what others have to say:

"I want to thank you for helping me plant these wonderful seeds in my children."
Lori in Pennsylvania
"It's such a fantastic educational experience for any age — I'm learning things from it, too!"
Brenda in Indiana
"I am just so thrilled that the Lord opened this door for me to reach India."
Stephanie in Alabama
"Now, every night, my 3-year-old says, 'We have to pray for India.' The videos brought everything alive in a way that reading about it couldn't."
Sarah in Colorado

Together we are changing lives in India!

Kids going to Children's Bible Clubs

  • $195,038
    Given So Far
  • $175,000
    Matched by Sonlight
  • Our Goal: $350,000


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