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Adult Literacy

Ihita: A Dream Fulfilled

Ihita graduated from a Mission India Literacy Class

Her parents didn’t see a need to educate her.

So, as a little girl, Ihita never went to school. Her heart ached as she watched other local children going to school because she wanted to go, too.

After she married, Ihita hoped her husband would let her go to school … but that didn’t happen either. They struggled to make ends meet day-to-day. Ihita gave birth to two children, and her life was busy.

But Ihita never forgot her dream of education.

When Ihita heard about Mission India’s Adult Literacy Classes starting in her village, she signed up right away!

Finally, at 30 years old, Ihita started to learn to read and write.

Ihita studied hard and never missed a class. Over the next year, Ihita learned how to read, write, and do math up to a 5th grade level! Ihita was thrilled — she could even sign her name.

Through the Bible-based lessons, Ihita also came to know Jesus as her personal Savior.

However, her husband is angry that Ihita is a Christian. He threatens her, but Ihita refuses to give up her faith in Jesus.

Today, Ihita says Adult Literacy Classes changed her life.

Ihita saves money and carefully manages her family’s finances, just like she learned in her classes. She helps her children with their homework. And Ihita encourages other women to join the literacy classes, too.

Ihita is active in her local church, and she eagerly shares about the love of Jesus.

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