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Children's Bible Clubs

Elina: Leading Daddy to Jesus

Little Elina’s life used to be a nightmare.
Her dad was an alcoholic. He often came home drunk and brutally beat Elina, her mom, and her little brother. Hoping for deliverance, Elina’s mother performed rituals to the gods. But things just got worse. Elina’s mom contemplated suicide to escape the abuse, but she didn’t want to abandon her children.
Then, Elina was invited to a Mission India Children’s Bible Club. She heard many Bible stories and was amazed by the love of Jesus. She soon received Jesus as her Savior.
Elina also prayed fervently that Jesus would change her dad. “Help him to stop taking alcohol and make him a good person. Bless our home and give peace and joy,” she prayed.
At home, Elina shared everything she’d learned about Jesus with her mother. And her mom secretly received Jesus as her Savior, too, finding peace and joy she’d never known before.
Soon after, Elina’s dad gave up alcohol. Elina was joyful to see this answered prayer!
Elina began sharing about Jesus with her dad. She spoke about how Jesus was a living God and had answered her prayers.
After this conversation, Elina’s dad received Jesus as his Lord and Savior!
With tears, Elina’s father shares, “I was powerless over my addiction. I felt empty inside and knew my life was a mess. I tried to overcome my addiction with my own strength, my own effort, and my own wisdom, but I couldn’t."
"But through my daughter’s prayers I am delivered from my addictions and am a transformed person. The emptiness that alcohol couldn’t fill is now filled by God’s love. I have found true joy and happiness in my life. Once I was in a hopeless condition, but now I am a witness of Jesus Christ.”
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