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Church Planters

Ragin: Worshipping a Tree

Ragin and Vedi

Tradition. That’s what 35-year-old Ragin lived by.

He and his wife, Vedi (pictured above), labored in the fields all day growing vegetables. Just like other villagers in the area, this couple worshipped trees, hoping for a good harvest each year. For healing, they depended on witch doctors.

One day, Chintu, a Mission India Church Planter, visited Ragin and his family. He began to share about Jesus, but they refused to listen …

… until Chintu mentioned that he belonged to the same tribe as them.

After that, Ragin and Vedi listened closely to what Chintu had to say.

As they listened to stories about how Jesus forgave sinners, Ragin and Vedi were convicted of their own sins. They confessed to Jesus and received Him as their Savior.

Ragin and Vedi don’t worship trees or consult witch doctors anymore … instead, they pray to Jesus and attend a small house church where about 15-20 people now gather for worship. Ragin and Vedi bring their two sons (10 and 11 years old) with them, too.

Recently, Ragin and Vedi declared their faith publicly by being baptized.

As a result of their faith in Jesus, Ragin and Vedi’s relatives have shunned them completely, refusing to invite them to family events.

But this couple is standing strong! In fact, Ragin is now witnessing in his village along with Chintu.

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