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Persecution in India

Ettan: "Jesus Made Me Strong"

Ettan endures persecution for following Jesus

A young man limped into the town.

“It’s Ettan!” a woman shouted. A crowd gathered around the 27-year-old.

Whispered gasps swept through the group. Ettan had been missing for four days — he’d been beaten and harassed by five anti-Christian extremists in the street. Then, villagers watched as Ettan was dragged away by the extremists.

For three days, Ettan was tortured and beaten until he fell unconscious. His persecutors left him for dead in the woods. Ettan awoke buried under dirt, leaves, and straw. He was bloodied and badly bruised.

Some of his wounds were still bleeding. Painfully, Ettan pushed himself up. He limped back to his village.

A hushed silence fell on the group as they waited for Ettan to speak.

Finally, he did. “I would endure many more savage beatings like this for the sake of Christ,” Ettan declared passionately.

When Ettan reached his hut, he turned to face the crowd. “I am amazed that I am alive after having been beaten for three days. I consider it a joy and privilege to suffer for Christ.”

The village leaders urged Ettan, “Deny Christ and return to Hinduism.”

But Ettan replied, “I am a Christian, and my Jesus has made me strong this day.” The village leaders dispersed, shocked at his response.

Bhim, the Mission India Church Planter who had led Ettan to Christ, visited Ettan. Every night, they prayed for the villagers. “They are blinded by their religion. God, give them wisdom and understanding,” Ettan prayed.

Today, the anti-Christian extremist group has lost its grip on the village, and Ettan is free to share his testimony with everyone he comes across. Ettan and Bhim have led many villagers to faith in Christ!

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