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Why India?

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Imagine going your entire life without ever meeting a Christian — or even hearing the name of Jesus. 

That's what life is like for millions of kids growing up in India ... the single largest unreached nation on earth.

In fact, 400+ million people in India have never heard the Good News! 

See the map up there? That's what our world would look like if we drew a map based on the number of kids living in each country.

Just look at India!

But wait, with 400 million people who don't know Jesus, how can you and I make a difference?

By introducing India's kids to Jesus through Children's Bible Clubs — and it only costs one dollar to enroll each boy and girl!

1 in 5 kids live in India

India is home to boys and girls with tremendous needs. Illiteracy, child labor, and the oppressive caste system are just some of the challenges India's kids face daily. 

Superstition and idol worship are part of everyday life — and, with no forgiveness or joy, India’s kids and families see no hope for a better future.

That’s where Children’s Bible Clubs (and you!) come in. 

A 10-day Bible Club is launched in the community. These clubs give local kids the chance to just be kids — play games, sing songs, hear stories, make new friends, and smile.

And at their Bible Clubs, girls and boys experience new hope as they discover the love of Jesus.


From CBC ... to Church! 

Every year, hundreds of thousands of India’s children attending these Bible Clubs are placing their faith in Christ.

In fact, they are one of the most responsive audiences to the Gospel message in recent history!

And these “little evangelists” can’t keep the Good News to themselves! 

Many kids joyfully share about Jesus with parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends. One child’s changed life can ripple out to impact an entire community.

And our Bible Club partners make connections with families that will last long after the Club ends.

Every year, new churches sprout out of Children's Bible Clubs!

How do you transform a nation of 1+ Billion?

You start with one child.

Each $1 reaches another child in India!

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Lives Changed

Want to see the real-life impact of our ministries? You’ve come to the right place! Mission India partners with India's believers to tell kids about Jesus in Children's Bible Clubs, teach illiterate adults how to read and write (and read the Bible!), and train people how to start new churches.  Discover more by exploring the stories below!

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